Take advantage of a top-quality educational experience, crafted specifically for your needs! If you’re a primary or high school teacher or a tertiary educator, we want to hear from you! UN Youth runs 1 hour to daylong sessions, tailored to your requirements.

Schools Info Pack

In addition to our annual events, UN Youth NSW conducts school visits to complement your curriculum and promote the aims of the organisation. The visits are run by experienced facilitators who have participated in national and international Model United Nations events and have worked with a range of students, from seasoned debaters to beginners.

The structure of our school visits is unique and flexible. They can be developed to meet the individual needs of your school and students.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Human Rights
  • Wars
  • Peacekeeping
  • Civic participation
  • Justice
  • The United Nations (introductory or detailed)
  • Current World Issues
  • Model UN
  • Economics
  • Development

Got an idea? Let us know!

Contact Stephanie Sekulovska for more information regarding the education program.

UN Youth Australia facilitators are peer-to-peer educators, each of whom has received extensive facilitation training.  We believe each young person has the potential to understand and exercise their civic rights on a local, national and global level and demonstrate this through our programs. We value informal education, giving students a different style of learning based on interactivity and understanding to supplement their knowledge.

Day Forums

If you would like to UN Youth to come to your school, why not host a day forum?

A day forum is held at your school and the content is customised to suit the needs of your students. Day forums are a great way for students of all ages to experience the dynamic programs that UN Youth has to offer. They can include a combination of:

  • Model United Nations debate
  • Workshops
  • Youth Change
  • Interactive problem solving

If you have an idea, questions, or would like more information about organising a day forum in your school, please contact the NSW Director of Education, Stephanie Sekulovska, at nsweducation@markandstav.com.

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