Running Evatt Online

The 2020 Evatt Online Competition will be held using two online computer softwares; Slack and Zoom.

Zoom will be used to conduct the chamber where the debate and speeches will be held and breakout rooms will be used for the Negotiations Chamber. Slack will be used for the purposes of note-passing, country-to-country communications, receiving co-signatories to proposed amendments and for communications with the Chair (the President).

All students must have access to a computer with a webcam and a microphone that they can use in a quiet place in order to be able to participate in Evatt Online. The Preliminary Rounds of the Evatt Competition are anticipated to last for around three and a half hours so students will need access to these technologies for about four and a half hours to allow leeway on either side.

Students will need to have the Slack application downloaded onto their computer prior to their preliminary round, but do not need to create an account. Students will be provided with a username and password on the day of their preliminary round. Students will also need to have the Zoom Client downloaded onto their computer in order to join the Zoom call for their Evatt Preliminary Round. Students can manually download the Zoom Client from the Zoom website prior to their preliminary round. Alternatively, the Zoom Client will automatically download when students attempt to join the Zoom Call for their Evatt Preliminary Round if they did not already have the software downloaded. Students do not need their own personal Zoom account because Zoom allows users to join meetings without having an account. Students are, however,  more than welcome to access the Zoom Call for their Evatt Preliminary Round using a personal account they already have or may make.

Although it is by no means essential, students may like to have two screens side by side that they can use simultaneously (one for Zoom and one for Slack) if that option is available to them.

Please note that the Zoom calls for the 2020 Evatt Online Competition will NOT be recorded, and students will be able to verify this during the rounds because they will not see ‘Recording’ written in red in the top left hand side of the Zoom call.

Important Information about Participation

The New South Wales Government and the Federal Government have recently relaxed some restrictions on physical distancing and indeed, further relaxations are also set to be enacted. Students in New South Wales will even be back at school full-time from Monday May 25. However, even in light of this, a key requirement of participation in the 2020 Evatt Competition is that the students in each team compete having separately entered the Zoom call for their preliminary round on their own separate devices. 

This is so that, in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, students can participate in the competition without being forced to meet up in a common place, such as at a student’s house. This is important because not all rounds of the competition are being held during school hours and thus, not all teams can compete together from at school. UN Youth NSW has made the decision to implement this requirement in respect of those who live with vulnerable people who are more susceptible to the virus. This structure enables students registered in rounds which take place outside of school hours to be able to compete even if they are not in a position to have visitors in the home or to meet with other people in public places (i.e. in libraries).

Please note that this requirement is extended to ALL teams, even those teams that are able to meet up and compete together from the same room (and thus are able to join the Zoom call for their round together from the one device), such as those that can compete together at school if they are competing in a round held during school hours. Students from EVERY team MUST separately join the Zoom call for their preliminary round from separate computer devices and they must remain separated like that for the duration of the round. Teams CANNOT participate on one device.

The reason why this requirement, which may seem restrictive, extends to all teams is because teams that can compete together would have an unfair advantage in the competition over those teams that cannot compete together. This requirement has been implemented to make the competition as fair as possible for all participants.

Schools that wish to have students compete whilst at school, must abide by the following two rules;

  1. Teams from the same school have to be in different rooms for the duration of their round (if competing in the same round) AND
  2.  Students from the same team also have to be in different rooms with each student on the Zoom call from a different device

This means that, no matter the number of teams competing from any one school in any one round, students should always be separated. If this is not possible, the minimum that is required is that students from the same team use separate devices to participate in the Zoom call and use, also from separate devices, the separate Slack accounts given to them. This enables us to facilitate a fair competition even if students competing from at school cannot be strictly separated.

If students competing at school must be in the same room, they should be separated as much as possible and should communicate throughout the round, not verbally, but using the Slack chat function established for that purpose. Students are strongly encouraged to use headphones if it is necessary that they participate in the same room as their teammate.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NSW Director of Operations, Garima Sharma, at garima.sharma@markandstav.com if you have any questions about this.

Important Information

Software to Download

Students can download Slack and Zoom using the following links:

Slack for Windows | Slack for Mac | The Zoom Client

Evatt Online Guide and Information Pack

For more detailed information on how Evatt Online will work in practice, please read the Evatt Online Guide. This Guide will outline step by step how an Evatt Online Round will be conducted and will include screenshots of the Slack software that students will be using. This Guide explains and visualises how the normal functions of Evatt, like note-passing and collecting co-signatories to proposed amendments, will be performed online. For additional information on the Evatt Competition more generally, please read the Evatt Online Info Pack


Evatt Online: How to Video Guide

The How to Video Guide provides a breakdown of how Evatt will run online. The video demonstrates how to utilize the various settings on Zoom; the different channels available to you on Slack; where to direct message at different points through the competition, including making amendments, and requesting to be added to the Speaker’s list as well as how to cast votes in Zoom.

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