Evatt ACT is the Territory’s round of Australia’s premier high school debating and diplomacy competition. The competition places young Australians into the shoes of delegates to the UN Security Council. Evatt provides students with a deeper understanding of worldwide issues and the skills they need for global citizenship.

Registrations open soon!

If you have any questions about the Evatt competition, please contact the ACT Evatt convenor Rhea Chopra at the following address: rhea.chopra@markandstav.com

About the Competition

How does Evatt Work?

Students in Years 9-12 compete in teams of two from their own school. The competition takes the form of a mock session of the UN Security Council. Teams debate, amend and vote on resolutions from the perspective of a Security Council member state. The students judged to be the most effective diplomats will go on to the next round, with the best in the ACT getting the opportunity to compete against teams from around the country in the Finals.

Through debate, students will engage with a diverse range of major global issues including armed conflict, human rights, terrorism and climate change. Through Evatt, you’ll develop tonnes of skills, including public speaking, negotiation, teamwork and diplomacy. You’ll also gain a practical understanding of the complexities of international politics and Australia’s place in the global community.

The cost for the competition is $30 per person, which covers registration, materials, refreshments, and will go toward our scholarship program as well as subsidies for our regional participants.

Dates for 2019

Venues TBA


11 May Morning

11 May Afternoon

18 May Morning

18 May Afternoon

26 May Morning

26 May Afternoon



Semi-Final Rounds

3 August

4 August


24 August

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