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31 January, 2019

As a leader inspiring young people within your school community, we want to keep you up to date with all UN Youth Victoria’s events throughout the year.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, once a term we will send you an email with details on the events we have coming up and how to get involved.… Read more ›


Voice 2016 – an interview with National Finalist Mirella Wong

19 September, 2016 We asked one of last year's National Finalists for Voice Victoria 2015, Mirella Wong, about her experiences with the competition and what she's learned since competing at Voice.

What did you give your speeches on?

My speeches were on ‘How can we significantly reduce homelessness in Australia?’, ‘How can we promote the rights of Indigenous people around the world?’ and ‘How can we safeguard and secure our world’s future?’ I focussed my solutions in regards to homelessness on the unification of NGOs and governmental services, as well as implementing a ‘housing first’ scheme.… Read more ›


Be The Change

21 October, 2013

2014 Victorian Conference applications are now open!

Inspired by the Mahtama Ghandi quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, Victorian Conference 2014 encourages students to become engaged in international development, and active in their own communities.

At the end of 2014, the UN Millennium Development Goals will come to an end.… Read more ›


Evatt Victoria 2013 State Final Allocations

27 August, 2013

The state finalists for Evatt Victoria 2013 have been selected!

Congratulations to all semi-finalists: the high standard of debate made the judges’ jobs difficult! We are very pleased, however, to announce the state finalists of Evatt Victoria 2013!

In addition, all students will be receiving written feedback from the judges; check with your teachers for the feedback forms in the coming weeks.… Read more ›


Evatt Victoria 2013 Semi-Final Allocations

11 August, 2013

The semi-finalists for Evatt Victoria 2013 have been selected!

After more than 750 students competed in 24 rounds of preliminary finals, the Judging Panel is pleased to announce the 64 teams that will be progressing to the Semi-Finals in 2013.

In addition, all students will be receiving written feedback from the judges, posted on Sunday 11 August; check with your teachers for the feedback forms in the coming weeks.… Read more ›


Introducing The New Executive!

05 July, 2013

After a fantastic Annual General Meeting, we are proud to announce the new  State Executive Committee for 2013-14!

Robbie Nyaguy – President Mark James- Vice President Celine Khoury- Communications Director Alec Webley- Evatt Director Edward Vong- Human Resources Director Jack Mckenzie- Programs Director Karan Dhamija- Schools Director

Congratulations, and look forward to a great year ahead! … Read more ›


Get involved in National Conference!

11 March, 2013

National Conference brings together 150 of Australia’s brightest and most engaged young people for a week of innovative programs, presentations from pre-eminent Australians, Model UN debates and the opportunity to meet like-minded young people from across Australia and the Pacific.

The Conference aims to develop young leaders who are informed and passionate about the world around them through education, engagement with leaders in their field, and peer mentors. … Read more ›

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